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Torture promotion bypassing censors

Posted by Dave Bath on 2008-02-08

I recommend blog readers visit "Torture couture from Galliano" at Hoyden About Town.

Such promotions are objectionable, and possibly illegal, as they approach the borderline of what makes "snuff movies" verboten.

Do such shows (arguably a stage show) need classification from censors, and deserve an R rating (adult concepts, frequent strong violence)?

If these images were broadcast on TV, should they have been preceded by warnings like we have on the news before reports from bomb sites, "some viewers may find the following scenes distressing"?


3 Responses to “Torture promotion bypassing censors”

  1. mikeinportc said

    “some viewers may find the following scenes distressing”?
    Maybe that’s the point.
    Wouldn’t think anybody’d actually buy this stuff, but imagine if some guy did, and went to a crowded public beach. Maybe the actual nature of “harsh interrogation” might sink in . It’s apparent from much conversation that I hear , that it hasn’t .

    If the designer makes anything on this, it’s blood money , but it seems a good way to lose money .

    btw, if you haven’t seen it , check this , re waterboarding (Room 101 material , to me )

  2. Dave Bath said

    Yep, the waterboarding on the news was preceding by the usual caveat, at least the clips I saw.

    However, there is some justification for inclusion of the waterboarding in the news, while there is NO public interest served by a fashion parade.

    The only excuse for clips/photos from the fashion parade on TV is in something like Lateline, that, like the Hoyden’s piece, makes people aware of the problem.

    You said

    If the designer makes anything on this, it’s blood money , but it seems a good way to lose money .

    Well, fashion is a great way to instill an inappropriate lack of sensitivity to things, if not an actual fetish. I’ll probably write something we covered at uni about the experimental CREATION of fetishes (for slinky boots) sometime.

  3. zombinol said

    The doyens of high culture have always used the degradation of the human condition to make profit or a point, the USA make both.

    Usually fashion and its media are; in my word, origitators – they observe the environment become totally abstracted and make body ware as a result.

    This time the imagry has a subtle but hybrid aesthetic, melding both the KKK, Abu Ghraib esk imagry with the first degree ritual of Freemasonry.

    The entered apprentice – first degree – is stripped of all metallic substances, hood winked – a bag is placed over his head to ensure that he is in the dark of what is happening around him and a cable tow (noose) is placed around his neck to restrain him in case he lunges forward, his left breast is made bare from a flap in his costume (to ensue he is not female) which is subjected to a sharp point, his left leg and right foot is also made bare.

    A real sense of foreboding ensues as danger is presented along the way of this ritual as its point is that you long to see light. The subsequent degrees are no less foreboding where the end game is the ritual enactment of your own death. The 18th degree is where you become your own blood sacrifice etc..

    Given that Galliano is European, he is quite the comdeian, I see an artistic joke here, the USA is a really nice place to be and this is their highest form of culture.

    Ordo ab chao

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