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Rudd gabfest – wrong view by IPA fellow

Posted by Dave Bath on 2008-02-10

"Rudd’s super summit puts the con into consensus" by Institute of Public Affairs research fellow Chris Berg is wrong (I hope) by implying Rudd’s gabfest is looking for consensus, rather than being a consultation.

If it’s consensus he seeks, we’ll only end up with the bland received wisdoms that have got us into such trouble, and headed for more.

I suspect Rudd wants to hear novel ideas, the breakthrough solutions from "outside the square", and, appropriately (because right-wing voters don’t like new ideas, don’t learn from mistakes quickly, and it’s genetic too, according to New Scientist last week Are political leanings all in the genes? 2008-02-02 ) "out of left field".  If he takes these back to policy wonks, knocks off the rough edges, then maybe we have a chance of getting somewhere.

However, expecting results by 2020 is unrealistic.  It’s the big ideas that take until 2020 to be properly implemented, and will take full effect by 2050, that are important.


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