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Valentine’s Day – Something actually USEFUL

Posted by Dave Bath on 2008-02-17

For those who missed the link in my shared RSS items, I’ll point to the only useful site (to my 1960s/1970s anti-US-cultural-imperialism mindset) associated with Valentines Day.

Highlighted in New Scientist : Happy Valentine’s Day – I gave you the clap is a site "inSPOT" that unfortunately does not have Australia listed in it’s international section.  It lets you send an email, anonymously, to inform someone you may have passed on a STI.

Here’s an example template greeting card: (click to enlarge)

The e-cards range from tasteful to hilarious, our favourites being “You’re too hot to be out of action”, “I got screwed while screwing, you might have too,” and “Who? What? When? Where? It doesn’t matter,” all followed by, “I got diagnosed with (fill in the blank from the drop-down menu which ranges from syphilis to shigella), you should get tested.”

That menu doesn’t include HIV. There’s a separate card for that, which just says, “There’s no easy way to say this…”


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