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Bill Gates corrupting WHO process? INCREASING Malaria?

Posted by Dave Bath on 2008-02-19

Computer geeks hate what Bill Gates did to standards on the internet, screwing with protocols.  Now it seems he is making things worse with public health.

It seems his philanthropic funding of health initiatives, including WHO anti-Malaria campaigns, is skewing research and public policy, possibly leading to increased malarial resistance to medicines.

The International Herald Tribune (2008-02-17) reports a memorandum from the chief of the malaria program, Arata Kochi, to the directory general of the WHO.  The same questions are being passed on to other agencies.

Accused of uncritical acceptance by Gates-funded scientists of each others’ work, this "cabal" seems to be hijacking policy.  One example highlights how they are making things worse:

As an example, he cited an intervention called intermittent preventive treatment for infants, known as IPTi.
Other experts said IPTi involved giving babies doses of an older anti-malaria drug, Fansidar, when they got their shots at 2 months, 3 months and 9 months. In early studies, it was shown to decrease malaria cases about 25 percent. But each dose provided protection for only a month.
Since it is not safe or practical to give Fansidar constantly to babies because it is a sulfa drug that can cause rare but deadly reactions and because Fansidar-resistant malaria is growing, World Health Organization scientists had doubts about it.
Nonetheless, Kochi wrote, although it was “less and less straightforward” that the health agency should recommend it, the agency’s objections were met with “intense and aggressive opposition” from Gates-backed scientists and the foundation. The WHO, he wrote, needs to “stand up to such pressures and ensure that the review of evidence is rigorously independent of vested interests.”

I guess Artemisinin (a Chinese Herb) combination therapies, and insecticide nets, proven cheap and effective, don’t make sense.  What puzzles me is what motive Gates might have for screwing with scientific ethics and world health.


2 Responses to “Bill Gates corrupting WHO process? INCREASING Malaria?”

  1. zombinol said

    This is truly freaky,
    I was just reading an article about George W Bush who is urging African countries to fight malaria, the continent’s leading killer disease, through the use of treated bed nets. Then I have a quick check here and oula Malaria!

    Something is odd, Gates in one direction and Bush in the other is this setting Bush up as the smart and practical one?

    See the Bush article here.

  2. […] Bath reports that Bill Gates has been accused of recklessness in bypassing the WHO with his antimalaria […]

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