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Is Rudd as stupid or slimy as Howard?

Posted by Dave Bath on 2008-02-19

Imagine if Rudd promised his child a horseride for a birthday.  A few days before, the child gets a back problem, and all advice from doctors and physiotherapists is to rest and avoid all strain on the back.

Imagine if Rudd proceeds, forcing the child to ride the horse, in order to be seen as someone who keeps his promises.

We’ll see if he is just as irresponsible with the economy with the coming budget.

While admitting that the threat of inflation is a problem, and even saying it is close to a crisis, Rudd’s government is continuing with plans for the huge tax cuts, that will only increase inflation and indebtedness, despite (before the election) warnings in the media, and (since the election), the analysis and advice of the RBA, since the election, and against the opinion of just about every economist in the land.

I don’t have a problem with tax cuts to the lowest decile of households paying tax, and increases in payments to those on social security, to cover the pain our most vulnerable citizens will undergo as prices of essential goods and services go up.

Ignoring the unanimous opinion of all the experts, for something regarded as critical, merely for the chance (by no means assured) of popularity among the ignoscenti, is hardly the behaviour worthy of a competent technocrat.  Yet the reputation for reason and a focus on outcomes is exactly why Rudd developed popularity in the first place.

If Rudd succumbs to the lure of populism at the first hurdle, at the expense of good policy, we’ll merely have made from one devil to another, and I must wonder which area of public policy will be bastardized next.


One Response to “Is Rudd as stupid or slimy as Howard?”

  1. zombinol said

    The worst case scenario is when Rudd delivers the tax cuts with no balance effect in expanding the surplus. I think he has left the door open to delay the tax cuts by clawing closer to the ration approach of inflation control.
    In this article he seems to be starting the balancing act.

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