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Political Paradise Lost

Posted by Dave Bath on 2008-02-22

More than a mere honeymoon, Australians have, until yesterday, had more goodwill towards, and greater willingness to accept unpalatable truths from, the Rudd government than probably be the case until the Liberal Party returns to power.

The lukewarm "welcome" of the Garnaut interim report by Senator Wong is a missed opportunity both for the country as a whole, and the Labor Party.

The honeymoon is probably over.

If Rudd’s government had kept on with admitting "elephants in the room" to the public, including the sillyness of their tax cut promises and the likelyhood of per-capita emissions control as the basis for international climate agreements and penalties, the Labor government might have maintained the so-far justified reputation for statements that are not merely spin, but evidence based.

See Also:

  • Peter Martin makes an excellent point in "What’s Conservative?" (2008-02-22) about the difference between "conservative" decision-making and economic action versus "conservative" political views.

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