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Put another skippy on the barbie

Posted by Dave Bath on 2008-03-09

I’ve long been a fan of converting farms from beef and mutton to kangaroo farming, and using the meat for human consumption (even though I don’t eat mammals myself), so it’s good to see ABC Landline doing something on this topic, and annoying that they’ve only got the vodcast not the transcript.

BTW: That’s LANDline, not Lateline for those readers who are politics junkies.  Watch The Insiders on Sunday mornings, go out for your lattes and brunches, then get back home for Landline at noon – it’s a very important part of Australian politics!!!!

Anyway, back to the main topic.  After the program, I was glad I’d already sent in a 2020 gabfest submission on roo farming, and I’ve just gone and pasted the lively discussion on the topic from the original post at the (sadly defunct) DeadRoo, to the copy I made on this blog: "Szechuan Skippy, Anyone?".

And if anyone knows a supermarket in Melbourne that stocks reasonably-priced macropod meat for human consumption, or has a good recipe, add a comment.


5 Responses to “Put another skippy on the barbie”

  1. Dave Bath said

    Here are some sites with interesting looking recipes:

    * General instructions for kangaroo meat (basically, don’t overcook)
    * From the Kangaroo Industry Association
    * Food DownUnder
    * RecipeLand
    * The Independent (a UK newspaper, and I think when it says “two kiwis”, it means “two kiwi fruit”)
    * RecipeZaar – an interesting Indian-inspired recipe
    * MacroMeats

  2. craig said

    The best kangaroo I’ve found is in Queensland a brand called Naturoo you find it in IGA supermarkets and butcher shops in queensland. Don’t know about other states though.

  3. Im more inclined to munch on a roo as well…there are not chemicals added to eradicate intestinal bugs prior to market…this is the case with lamb but its not labelled as such…another yummy meat which is sweeter than lamb yet similiar in texture is goat…goats are doing a lot of damage to delicate arid environments and competing with the macropods for water and feed…the goats also tend to foul water holes turning them into bacterial stinkpots. Goats are currently being culled in the Flinders ranges but they are left to rot…quite a waste when when ground based crews using dogs could more effectively round up the goats and then they can be sold for local consumption. Roo meat is very good eating as long as its not overcooked…same with goats…Its the practice of aboriginals to throw the whole roo on the fire to cook, ungutted. This makes for a stinky feast when the charred animal is opened up but there is little waste of meat and offal…leading up to the summer extra consumption of such roo is added protection against mosquitoes.

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