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Me condemno

Posted by Dave Bath on 2008-03-23

The Roman Catholic hierarchy, with it’s new list of mortal sins (and the relatively recent abolition of Purgatory), inescapably condemns those who define or obey doctrine to eternal damnation.

Polluting the planet is one of the new mortal sins, pollution is directly proportional to the population, therefore any action that stops efforts to limit birth control (before or after conception) is a mortal sin on the largest scale.

Thus, the Roman Catholic church, as an institution, and all it’s senior members, are the greatest despoilers of the planet, will be the direct cause of environmentally-linked malnutrition, wars, and death.  Ratzinger is more hypocritical than the Borgia popes.


One Response to “Me condemno”

  1. zombinol said

    Ratzinger and the Borgia popes are the true Roman Catholic, as in the same doctrinal Romans that murdered the Catholics because it was cheaper than paying for gladiators, until it made sense to co-opt the profits to be made from a congregation rather than a conflagration.

    If there is a truth dress it up as a lie and profit from it.

    Trading in human misery is the IOR / Vatican Bank profit of the day.

    Again another corporation profiting at the expense of the environment makes sense as more compliant souls on the books, sorry customers, equals more profit.

    To firm up the customer base as a going concern, and as brand proliferation exploded in lock step with the ultra capitalism expansion of the past 50 years, so too did the number of Roman Catholic brands, sorry I mean the number of Saints more than double in the divine market.

    The IOR may be especially positioned to profit further from its retail proselytising, sorry marketing campaigns, as it doesn’t pay any taxes on its income and will it not exploit carbon trading as The Church in its actions is a primary producer!

    For good people to do evil things requires religion.

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