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GOYA: Gabfest online submissions about to close

Posted by Dave Bath on 2008-04-04

GOYA (my acronym for "Get Off Your A…[s]") and make a 2020 gabfest submission over the weekend, because your chance (unless you are a delegate) disappears by Wednesday 2008-04-09.

Australian bloggers, if they don’t make at least an online submission of a couple of sentences are either:

  1. hyprocrites (all talk, except where those who can actually change policy might hear);
  2. bereft of ideas or opinions (if which case, why blog?); or
  3. only write on things as insubstantial as football, films and fluffy kittens (so you probably aren’t reading this blog anyway).

Even if you put a one liner of the form "We need to take much more action on the climate, sooner than planned by current government policy, or our economy and social welfare will suffer greatly", or something of similar structure, or something on a different subject, such a submission has value, by forcing awareness of politicians by the inevitable executive summaries they’ll get that will include "X people felt strongly that we should Y".

So, before you next post a blog article or comment, go and make a quick online submission, ideally with an out-of-left-field idea that you’ve mentioned in your blog or to friends before.

As to those people who’ve written to newspaper editors with "They oughta do X": unless they’ve also make a submission, they’ve pretty much wasted the time they spent writing to the newspaper when the same time could have gone straight to the place it matters.

Now, I’d also hope most of you either cut-and-paste from your online submission into your next blog post, or cut-and-paste from the copy of your submissions (one page per topic on the website, although even I didn’t make comment in all topics) that you get as an acknowledgement direct to your email inbox.

I look forward to reading such cut-and-pasted submissions in the next posts from the various blogs I peruse, and welcome comments from you all that link to your own post detailing your 2020 gabfest submission.


14 Responses to “GOYA: Gabfest online submissions about to close”

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  2. Jacques Chester said

    Thanks for the prompting. I sent in a rant on my usual pet topic of openness and transparency via technology.

  3. Dave Bath said

    When you get your autoresponse from the gabfest site, I hope you’ll publish chunks topic by topic on ClubTroppo. I’d love to know what you think of my followup.

  4. Dave Bath said

    Jacques: (oops submit button pressed before I wanted)
    The links on the bottom of this post are probably right up your alley.

  5. Jacques Chester said


    Drawing on the experience we had with the AGIMO/blog fiasco, I’ve posted a notice up on Troppo to try and prompt more people to get involved.

  6. Dave Bath said

    Put a link to your related post in, mate, so others can read it and the semantic web has a better chance of nutting things out ;-)

    For other readers: Jacques’ post is "Time’s Nearly Up" (Club Troppo 2008-04-05)

  7. Jacques Chester said

    Ah, I assumed that the trackback would do my work for me. Stuff the semantic web, I’m talkin’ about the supine web.

  8. Jacques Chester said

    I’ve also left comments at Catallaxy and LP to try and bug people into action.

  9. Dave Bath said

    Thanks for kicking butts!!!
    BTW: One of the reasons I want people to post bits of their own submissions on their blogs is that it provides a chance to sniff at whether the report reflects input. I expect things will be better than typical senate inquiries over the last few years given the broad range of rapporteurs, and Senator Andrew Bartlett even called what the NT Aboriginal intervention inquiry did to contributors as “verballing”.

    Besides – cut and paste makes for easy blog posting – and it should stimulate interesting debate about the blogosphere!

  10. Balneus said

    […] In GOYA 4 gabest, and a Q for the MSM : See Also […]

  11. Jacques Chester said


  12. Dave Bath said

    JC: Yep, pingbacks behaving wonkily. It looks like WordPress are doing some significant reconfigging.

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  14. […] Via Dave Bath comes a reminder that the deadline for open submissions to the 2020 kilochat is coming on Wednesday. If you’re not Troppo’s own Nicholas Gruen but still have a few good ideas to throw in the pot, head over to the website and place your ideas on the record. […]

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