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GOYA 4 gabest, and a Q for the MSM

Posted by Dave Bath on 2008-04-05

I’m wondering why the mainstream media haven’t encouraged people to submit 2020 ideas directly to the OFFICIAL GOVERNMENT 2020 SUGGESTION BOX, especially those running 2020-related fora on the net or on editorial pages.  Does the MSM have a greater desire for column inches, or a better Australia?

Reminder: if you are Australian, and said to anyone "aorta do X about Y at the 2020 gabfest", and you’re not a delegate – put your idea in the OFFICIAL GOVERNMENT 2020 SUGGESTION BOX now (or at least before Wednesday).  You’ll need to click on the button "Start Submission Form".

(And a big thanks to Jacques Chester of Club Troppo for pushing this down other people’s throats.)



2 Responses to “GOYA 4 gabest, and a Q for the MSM”

  1. zombinol said

    The ACTU are getting right to work for the gabfest. An email was sent out yesterday (8/4/8) at 3:00pm.

    What’s your big idea?

    Dear Zombinol,

    One thing we have learnt over the past three years is that if we have a thousand ideas for the Rights at Work campaign inside the ACTU, there are at least a million brilliant ideas outside!

    Jeff Lawrence and I are going to the Rudd Government’s Australia 2020 summit on April 19 and 20. We’ll be talking about the fact that Australia has many challenges going into the future, like restoring rights at work; removing barriers on entering and staying in the workforce; better, family friendly work provisions; and the need for government and employers to invest in skills.

    But we want to make sure we’re tapping into our supporters’ ideas and expertise too – so we want to hear from you.

    What big ideas do you have for the future of Australia? Let me know so I can bring them up at Australia 2020. Use the Rights at Work website to get in touch now.

    It doesn’t matter how big or small your ideas are, whether they are directly related to rights at work or whether you write twenty words or 2000. You definitely don’t have to be an “expert.” So long as you have something to say about how Australia can be fairer, and more democratic, productive and prosperous, I want to hear it.

    Please send me your thoughts this week so I have plenty of time to go through them before the Summit. I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts.


    Sharan Burrow,
    ACTU President

  2. Dave Bath said

    Hmmm. Again, no direct link to the 2020 site, which is sad, because any submissions via the ACTU will be filtered by the ideological position of one group, especially if the intent is lefty but the suggestion is counterintuitive (as most brilliant ideas are!).

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