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How to allocate time at the 2020 Gabfest

Posted by Dave Bath on 2008-04-05

What if speaking time at the 2020 Gabfest reflected the number of submissions each luminary has made to a parliamentary or departmental inquiry, state or federal?

Such an approach (no submissions, no minutes) would be particularly appropriate for the Australian Governance topic which involves citizen engagement and consultation by governments.

At 2020, an appropriate rule might be "no representation without prior demonstrated commitment".

It might also be appropriate for the other committees.  I’m sure there have been past inquiries seeking public submissions on each and every topic.  Climate change topics and rural affairs?  Who contributed to the recent inquiry about the impact of climate change on agriculture?

Does anybody care to look through the list of current/recent parliamentary inquiries and remark about which ones should have a response by delegates of which 2020 committees?  Do you feel like looking at the list of public submissions for names and cross-referencing with delegate lists?  Do you care to write a blog post with results of these investigations?  If so, please add a link to it as a comment to this post.

I wonder how many 2020 attendees are "want to talk, but never before engaged"?

Notes/See Also:

  • "Gormless Oz political bloggers" (2008-02-06), my j’accuse on the lack of involvement in last year’s inquiry on government consultation with the public, asking about how an "Australian Government Consultation Blog" might operate.  Larvatus Prodeo’s Robert Merkel and Club Troppo’s Jacques Chester were among the less than 20 submissions.  20 submissions?!?!  Perhaps there should be no more than 20 seats on the Oz Governance 2020 committee!
  • Previous posts about that inquiry (2007-11-28 and 2007-10-29).
  • No, I don’t want to go, but I’ve at least made some minor submissions (some cut-and-pasted into posts: 2008-03-192008-03-182008-03-09 and 2008-03-05, with more snippets yet to be posted here).  You can too, but time is running out.

One Response to “How to allocate time at the 2020 Gabfest”

  1. Dave Bath said

    By the way, here are two topical current senate inquiries that reflect much recent blogospheric chatter. I wonder which bloggers (or 2020 delegates will be bothered submitting to these?):
    * Australia’s Mandatory Last Resort Home Warranty Insurance Scheme – Sounds suitable for anyone writing recently on housing policy
    * Management of Australia’s waste streams – anyone on the environment/climate 2020 committees.

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