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XKCD: Your faves?

Posted by Dave Bath on 2008-04-06

I wonder which xkcd posts appeal to readers.  (For those who are unaware of xkcd, which describes itself as "a webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language", take a browse.)  Does anybody care to nominate between 0 and 5 that appeal?  I say appeal, not send you ROTFLOL, as whimsy can be more appealing than hilarity.

Remember xkcd uses alt text quite well for aside comments, so if your browser/reader supports display of alt text when hovering over the image, I recommend it.

So, kicking off, and in no particular order, here are a few faves of mine (yep, more than 5, but who’s blog is this anyway?):

263: Certainty378: Real Programmers373: The Data So Far385: How It Works184: Matrix Transform,  242: The Difference,   154: Beliefs217: eπ and a (2008-06-11 late addition) 435: Purity.

Yeah, I skipped the romantic ones.  Years as a single parent will do that.


9 Responses to “XKCD: Your faves?”

  1. tigtog said

    Your first link’s a 404, but good choices. I will have to go and peruse and thinkify on this, but the map of online communities is definitely a fave. (best viewed large)

  2. Dave Bath said

    TigTog: Thanks for the 404 alert. Fixed.
    BTW: A lot of serious maps related to xkcd’s parody are found at VisualComplexity (a v cool site, not just mapping net stuff). See Web Trend 2007 and Web Trend 2008 which represent the web like a metropolitan public transport map.

  3. Dave Bath said

    Silly me. Forgot to mention the XKCD RSS.

    For visually impaired people using braille browsers, use descriptive version, e.g. for “Certainty” you get:
    [[A door seen from a hallway, with “Teachers’ Lounge” on the glass. Inside, two teachers are talking.]] / Teacher 1: My students drew me into another political argument. / Teacher 2: Eh; it happens. / Teacher 1: Lately, political debates bother me. They just show how good smart people are at rationalizing.
    [[The two teachers continue talking. A third one is seen reading a book on a sofa.]] / Teacher 1: The world is so complicated – the more I learn, the less clear anything gets. There are too many ideas and arguments to pick and choose from. How can I trust myself to know the truth about anything? / And if everything I know is so shaky, what on Earth am I doing teaching?
    Teacher 2: I guess you just do your best. No one can impart perfect universal truths to their students. / Teacher 3: {ahem} / Teacher 2: …Except math teachers. / Teacher 3: Thank you.

    {{alt text: a(b+c)=(ab)+(ac). Politicize that, bitches.}}

  4. I agree with you on “The Difference.” Indeed, when it first came out I amended it for an economist:

  5. Dave Bath said

    I recommend Joshua Gans’ tweak (after first looking at the original version of 242: The Difference.

    Hmmm. Quite a few reads of this post: either few find xkcd good value, or it’s too hard to pick your favorite!!

  6. PollyCyclic said

    184, 263
    And you forgot
    Silly boy!

  7. Balneus said

    […] I’m a fan of xkcd […]

  8. Dave Bath said

    I just noticed that 415 is not one of Lauredhel’s favorites! Can’t blame her.

  9. Uncyclopedia: Your faves? « Balneus said

    […] XKCD: Your faves? […]

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