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Bawl quietly, jerk. Q06

Posted by Dave Bath on 2008-04-17

Front vehicle protector ( 8 ).

Others for you to figure out via this category.

(Oh drat, the 8 turned into a smiley with some browsers – sorry!)


16 Responses to “Bawl quietly, jerk. Q06”

  1. NPOV said

    Unhearing terminator.

  2. Dave Bath said

    NPOV: Nope. 8 letters or (almost giving it away) 3,5

  3. NPOV said

    Really? I could swear it was “defender” (as in “the fender”).

  4. Dave Bath said

    NPOV: Nice thinking, but I’m not so evil as to do that without a big hint it is a “weak soundalike”. Readers of “The Age” (and perhaps the SMH) will note my initials are “DB” not “DA”. Perhaps you are a fan of that so-and-so…. and if so, you’ll have to dumb yourself down a bit to answer my clues.

    Still, it would be a valid answer (assuming there were others in a crossword grid to check it against).

    You don’t have a blog and feel like putting up some dastardly clues yourself, do you? If you are as devious as your suggested answer indicates, I don’t think I’d have much chance!

  5. NPOV said

    No blog, but here’s an easy one I dreamed up this morning…

    “Past a male tale”.

  6. NPOV said

    Actually, sorry, change that to

    “A male conservative past”

  7. NPOV said

    Hmm, actually
    “A male’s conservative past”

    is a bit better.

  8. FDB said


  9. FDB said

    Oh, and vanguard

  10. NPOV said

    History it is.

  11. NPOV said

    Ok, you’ve got me hooked now…new one

    Songwriter confuses butchers.

  12. FDB said


  13. Dave Bath said

    FDB and NPOV:
    I request that extraneous threads unrelated to a post’s particular clue/answer are taken to your own blogs. Thanks in advance.

  14. NPOV said

    :-P you’re just saying that ‘cos FDB beat you to the solutions!

    How about you encourage user submissions for the days you haven’t had time (or the inspiration) to come with your own?

  15. Dave Bath said

    NPOV: This blog is NOT primarily a puzzle page. The series of cryptic clues was created merely as a diversion for regular readers.

    If you need a high-bandwidth outlet for this, feel free to start your own blog (I note you don’t have one).

  16. NPOV said

    Fine fine…I’ll go away now…

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