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2020 ideas to reality – by next Monday!

Posted by Dave Bath on 2008-04-21

Summarizing 2020 in one word: Motherhood.  Motherhood statements and motherhood photo opportunities.  However, the two best ideas (and from politicians: shock, horror!) could be realized at no cost within a week.

George Brandis (Lib) and Maxine McKew (ALP) argued for abolition of political donations and more free votes in parliament, unconstrained by party directives.

Such procedural improvements could help make quicker and better decisions to implement any other good ideas coming from the 2020 summit, or indeed anywhere else.

Untying the hands of politicians could be organized before the next sitting of parliament with a simple statement by party leaders, making the cost ZERO dollars and the time-to-delivery a couple of days.

I’d love to see party leaders try and spin against this idea.

While abolishing political donations might require a referendum (and what everyday citizen wouldn’t support it), it could be implemented de facto by party leaders deciding to refuse donations.  Again, zero cost, zero time-to-delivery.

Essentially, these are massive instant improvements to the infrastructure of how this country is governed.

There is nothing stopping political leaders from getting this done within a news cycle, apart from the lack of will and integrity.

Should we hold our breath?


One Response to “2020 ideas to reality – by next Monday!”

  1. Raf said

    No :-)

    More chance of a republic.

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