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Posted by Dave Bath on 2008-04-22

I strongly recommend you look at Andrew Leigh’s recent and very worrying post "Save the Stats" (2008-04-21), talking about cutbacks at the ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics).

Andrew Leigh points to this SMH article.  I quickly looked at recent ABS media releases, but nothing jumped out at me on this.

We need good information from trustworthy sources, and lots of gory details on how things are calculated, so we can compare apples with apples across the years.

I hope isn’t the start of a trend, a political ploy so the pollies can trot out figures from consultancies paid to get the result the pollies want, so the pet schemes of the pollies are supported.

Even if a consulting group does good work in a totally independent manner without an agenda, any data is not as trustworthy as if it comes from the ABS.

Is it stupidity or malice?

See Also:

  • As a sideline, it’s worth looking at a new ABS paper "Information Paper: Measuring Innovation: Towards Developing a Scorecard, 2008" Document 8163.6.

    The purpose of the project was to evaluate possible measures of innovation that could be included in a Tasmanian Innovation Index or Innovation Scorecard.  Drawing from the research for the project, this paper provides a brief overview of the subject of innovation and how innovation can be developed and utilised. It also provides examples of how innovation is currently being measured in Australia and around the world and presents a proposed Tasmanian Innovation Scorecard.

  • "That $20 million cut to the ABS" (Peter Martin, 2008-04-23)

2 Responses to “Mushrooms”

  1. zombinol said

    Well as they say the devil is in the detail and without the devil all we have is faith of the commercial in confidence type.

    If the details are provided by consulting companies it will not be available for scrutiny, even at a cost to access the data how on earth could anyone trust it, like as if a consulting company has ever served up to their client what the client wanted to hear as opposed to being impartial and giving all the dirt!

    If the government needs to save $20mil, how about they use the data the ABS has and apply it to better manage the economy or even better just better manage the economy.

    To save $20mil, killing off less than 1 doomed project or enacting non delivery penalties especially in the outsourcing area just might do the trick and save hundreds of millions if not billions.

    Also execs and Gov’ seems to be engrossed in scorecards instead of being attentive to the game, a game without stat’s is open to cheating.

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