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KRudd and Kulpability

Posted by Dave Bath on 2008-04-23

There are no superlatives to describe the extent of the hypocrisy of Rudd and his ilk, and the threat it poses to Australia, indeed to humanity.

Despite Rudd claiming to be worried, very worried, about the extent children are "phobic" or have a "toxic reaction" to maths, science, and other hard disciplines, his contempt for technical types and their disciplines fills the media every day.

How else can we explain the way the near-unanimous alarm of the scientific community about the need for urgent action on the climate, our too-large population, etc, etc, and the way politicians at best delay real action until decades later, even if making sympathetic noises.

The message to children is clear: scientists and technologists are to be ignored, their concerns sidelined.  Why would any child want to follow a path that almost guarantees no respect?

The bulk of the political and commercial classes only take notice of scientific advice after the bulk of the citizenry, even the tabloid media, have listened to and agreed with scientists and technologists, and called for action.

This is not leadership, and certainly not smart leadership.

Actions speak louder than words, unless you are a politician of the major parties.

If the dominant parties were prepared to discuss the possibility of gender quotas to achieve a semblance of balance, it’s perhaps time they started talking about, and showing pride in, the number of parliamentary members with background in the "hard disciplines".

Politicians: if people shun science and maths education, it’s your fault!


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