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Free Nature Immunity Poster

Posted by Dave Bath on 2008-04-24

Biomed students: there is a cool poster "Innate immunity: sensing and signalling" available via this page at Nature.  The preview on that page is merely a subset of the full thing.

Immunology was certainly much easier to study back in the 70s!

BTW: In my day, the cheat sheet treasure biochem lecturers never told you about (but was kept on walls inside our labs) was the Boehringer biochemical pathways map.  It was a thing of rare beauty, and now available for on-line browsing here (or via Metabolic Pathways thumbnails and Cellular Processes thumbnails.  Let me know if anyone know if the paper versions are still available for postage and handling.

NEW: Cell Migration Posters and searchable knowledgebase (free access).

BTW: Please add a comment if you know of similarly cool freely accessible stuff for biomed students.


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