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Happier workers = more productivity = better profits

Posted by Dave Bath on 2008-04-27

It’s time the "flexible working conditions" hypocrites (who really mean "screw the worker, I’ll treat them not as people but quickly-replaced production units" ) learnt something from Harvard Business School’s Working Knowledge series.

"The New Math of Customer Relationships" (2008-04-21) makes it crystal clear:

It’s the E=mc2 of customer loyalty.
Deeply satisfied employee = deeply satisfied customer = lifelong profit.

Did anyone at the 2020 gabfest push the "better conditions for workers and we’ll be more productive" idea?

I wonder when the ACTU will start bashing capitalists over the head with Harvard Business School ideas (and HBSWK papers are often polished up into Harvard Business Review articles a few months later), and point out that Australian managers are too short-sighted for their own good.

How different from the enlighted practices I discuss here (2008-04-16) and here (2008-08-14), about innovative Danish managers and how to get true productivity, and the implications for at least one current government inquiry.

Of course, that’s if customer loyalty matters… with the oligopolies around, customers too often have a choice of one supplier with high prices and low service, or another with high prices and low service, so our managers keep holding to the time-honored tradition of Australian business – race to the bottom.

It’s no wonder we have shocking current account and trade deficits.


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