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KRudd and Kreativty

Posted by Dave Bath on 2008-04-30

The kreatif 2020 tipes ar shone up in the foto of Krud in frunt of a witebord piblushd in The Economist.  Badd speling is neaded fur kreativty.

Over the fold is a photograph from the 2008-04-24 The Economist article "Green, no queen: Kevin Rudd’s reformist zeal", which has "Teacher Rudd at his whiteboard" (or p39 of the 2008-04-26 print edition).

He looks slightly shellshocked.  Has he just realised what the photo shows, or were all the gabfesters’ brains burnt out by so much hard thinking?

  • Is this the basis for a future Liberal Party advertisement?
  • Do any of you have suggestions for a caption?
  • Does anyone recognize the handwriting?

Here’s the description just in case the photo disappears from the blog:

  • KRudd is in front of a whiteboard that has writing and some paper notes stuck on it.
  • On the whiteboard, the headline (underlined) is "EXPRESSIng CREATIVITY" (sic).
  • The three bullet points underneath this heading are:
    • Respect for (obscured by head)ves
    • CAREER PA(obscured by head)

While I’m no maven, I take some pride in the extent of my vocabulary.  I know my spelling is idiosyncratic, but I do have etymological reasons for my choices (e.g. "skeptical" because it’s cognate with "skepsis").

However, I’m never come across the term "divesity" before.

Can anybody tell me what "divesity" means?  I’m open to suggestions, but let me make a guess from context:

divesity, n. (1) Having the attributes of a "dive" or strip-joint, (2) A willingingness to "dive" in and get something done, (3) a tendency to give up (take a "dive")… (4) splendiferousness (from the latin "dives" – opulent or splendid)

Ummm, no, although maybe Rudd may have come up with a few bright ideas when visiting that dive in the US, he cannot remember them (or won’t admit to what they were).

How come none of our bets and britest picked this up?

Link to photo (WP keeps eating the src attribute inside the img tag)


I went looking for divesity, and I found it occasionally around the traps – although sometimes only in Google cache… It seems the divesity might be a real word after all. Go to the links, and look for "divesity" using the Find capabilities of your browser:


2 Responses to “KRudd and Kreativty”

  1. Dave Bath said

    Hmmm. I wonder if this photo (or others with the same info) is “official” and available on a government website. If so, I wonder how long it will stay there.

  2. […] I can’t wait for "The Hollowmen" to do an episode on carbon, although I’d imagine Rob Sitch’s background pushed obesity into the first episode.  It looks like someone at Working Dog saw the photo of KRudd in "The Economist" that showed him having speling truble. . […]

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