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AFL doesn’t want a national competition

Posted by Dave Bath on 2008-05-05

It’s hard not to be cynical about the AFL wanting to expand the competition to include two new teams, when there is a perfectly good region that has been loving footy (and supplying many stars back in the VFL days) for over a century that doesn’t have a team: Tasmania.  Then there is the Northern Territory (although playing there in the hot weather might be troublesome).

Another Sydney team?  One in the Gold Coast?

If the AFL wanted two new teams, and tells the truth about the desire to make footy a national competition, then the next team should be Hobart, followed by either Launceston or Darwin.

(Although, perhaps the AFL is worried about the push for an Uncle-Nephew rule to supplement the Father-Son rule… just kidding!)


2 Responses to “AFL doesn’t want a national competition”

  1. Dave, you are right that Tasmania has been ignored by the AFL for so long but Hawthorn have made some great inroads to the Tassie footy-loving public in recent times, getting sponsorship from Tasmania, and it was a nice touch taking the premiership cup there.

    While the AFL are looking to expand the competition, the unspoken consequence is that they have to lose a few Melbourne clubs to do it. In Sheedy’s new book, he goes into the histroy of VFA, VFL and AFL and shows how too many teams stuff up the comp.

    So perhaps the AFL have to quietly wait for some Melbourne clubs to get to the point of bankruptcy and then offer them the lifeline of a new existence in another state.

  2. AFL said

    It’s a great point. Tassie has been ignored for so long even though it’s closer to Melbourne than Perth and has got a strong football community.

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