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Computers for kids or money for Microsoft?

Posted by Dave Bath on 2008-05-12

The One Laptop Per Child has set up their Australian Arm, but according to the SMH 2008-05-07:

The Education Minister, Julia Gillard, and the Communications Minister, Stephen Conroy, did not respond to calls requesting comment.

Any politician concerned with providing educational computing should have been fully aware of OLPC ages ago, have formed an opinion, and able to comment.  Gillard and Conroy should be extremely embarrased.

Does the Rudd government want to put more computing power in the hands of children, or more dollars in the hands of large computer companies, computer retailers, and Microsoft?


One Response to “Computers for kids or money for Microsoft?”

  1. Jeff Waugh said

    Don’t worry, they are very definitely aware of OLPC! :-)

    There are often entirely sensible reasons why politicians might not respond to every and any journalist’s questions. Don’t jump to the conclusion of ignorance or malice.

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