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Wot? Tropposphere calls me centrist?

Posted by Dave Bath on 2008-05-18

I’ll have to do a few more blatantly-pro-Castro posts, and put an MP3 of "The Internationale" on this blog… The new-but-very-useful Tropposphere has now has included me, but classified as a centrist!!!

Perhaps while I am a lefty, my blog isn’t.

I suppose I must take it as a complement that I’ll try and write in a way that is not purely partisan for any political party, and maybe it will help "reasonable righties" to consider my views (and pull me up when I start going too Keynesian – as if that’s a problem), and I am in pretty august company, but still…

That said, I’m chuffed that Ken Parish in his sidenote for Balneus says the following:

Dave Bath writes from a distinctly policy wonkish perspective, and is a “must read” for those interested in, well, policy wonkery

Well, I hope anyone into wonkery (centrist, left and right) will also be glancing through "The Wonkery" which I’ve just started with Club Troppo’s Jacques Chester specifically for trying to keep abreast of government inquiries.  Better still, I hope others of a wonkish disposition will join up and post their own discoveries there… inquiries by agencies and state governments can be very difficult to track down!

Anyway… to rebut the centrist "slur" (an accusation probably most supported by Unrecognized Allies 2007-05-08)…

me - kinda


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