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Prodding better RSS from

Posted by Dave Bath on 2008-05-19

As noted elsewhere, the RSS feeds for the minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research via the Australian Government Media Announcements feed are particularly useless, so I used the feedback page to express my disappointment and hope that it might leed to improvements.

Text of my feedback to is over the fold.

RSS announcements from IISR via the Media Announcements feed ( exactly the same titles, and the same teaser text that is fairly useless when scanning the feed for items of interest, as they give no clue to content other than that the source is IISR. Other agencies releases through the same aggregated feed are much more informative.

Can you improve this please? It is disappointing for an agency responsible for innovation to make less use of innovative technologies than other agencies.

To prove my point, here is the complete RSS heading and teaser text from almost every one of releases through the Australian Government Media Releases feed.

Minister – Innovation, Industry, Science and Research
What’s New EMAIL UPDATES SITE INDEX FEEDBACK Innovation Minister Senator the Hon Kim Carr Print this page Email this page Media Release Senator the Hon Kim Carr 16 May 2008. Sign In

I’ll let you know of any feedback from IISR.


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