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Victoria leaves the Commonwealth?

Posted by Dave Bath on 2008-05-19

Excuse me, but is Victoria no longer part of Australia?  It looks like we’ve already left the Commonwealth by looking at the Victorian Government Media Releases Page that displays releases by date – which uses US format (and makes searching for things on 05/06 or 06/05 moot!).

Click on a month to expand the dates releases were made… and for May, so far, you’ll find the following:

  • 05/17/2008
  • 05/16/2008
  • 05/15/2008
  • 05/14/2008
  • …etc…

I wonder if the site was actually tested properly… or whether, like so many tenders for the Victorian government, the vendors’ word about suitability and fitness-for-purpose was accepted without question.

How sad that I have to classify this post with "Governance" AND "Humor"!


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