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Livability in Victoria

Posted by Dave Bath on 2008-05-22

The Victorian Competition and Efficiency Commission has an inquiry on enhancing Victoria’s livability, with submissions closing 2008-01-31.  There are a number of very interesting submissions, and it will be interesting to see the Brumby government response.

Important URLs include:

As expected, submissions from developers are big on focussing on more land availability for housing, while most other submissions are big on transport infrastructure and sustainability.

Unfortunately, you can’t just get an address and send in a submission: as usual with the Victorian government, there are barriers all over the place, with the need to download a special expression of interest document in proprietary MS-Word format, and the inability to view attachments (usually having the most detailed and thought-provoking data) from submissions without first requesting them from the government.

The other thing to note is though this is a very important area for inquiries, this is the only inquiry listed as "current" on the VCEC current inquiries page – and submissions closed months ago.

An extract from the terms of reference is over the fold.

The Commission will inquire into, and report on, issues related to enhancing the liveability of Victoria. In particular, the Commission is to:

  1. explore, using well-established measures of liveability (such as those adopted by the EIU in its international surveys of liveable cites), the link between liveability and enhancing Victoria’s competitiveness;
  2. examine the efficiency advantages of good planning and community infrastructure, and evaluate the economic costs of poor urban design;
  3. discuss whether there are dimensions of liveability that are different in provincial Victoria than in Melbourne;
  4. report on the planning, design and implementation of sustainable urban concepts and systems in other jurisdictions – both in Australia and internationally – that are focused on achieving liveability goals, and comment on the potential applicability of such approaches in Victoria;
  5. identify opportunities for government action to enhance the liveability of Victoria – while taking into account sustainability issues – and suggest ways of overcoming any challenges faced in realising these opportunities.

Note: The "EIU" refers to The Economist Intelligence Unit, which publishes the best known livability index, with the 2007 report outlined here.

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