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Rudd loves cluster bombs?

Posted by Dave Bath on 2008-05-23

From GetUp comes a worrying note about the Rudd government continuing Howard’s love affair with cluster bombs, and pointing out that there are only a few days to lobby the government while a treaty is worked out in Dublin.

I’d ecourage everyone to visit the GetUp Ban The Bombs page and put your name down.

This is something I was interested in some time back, and you’ll see my efforts via a submission reflected in Sections 5.2, 5.4 and 5.5 of the Cluster Bill 2006 Senate Report, and my thoughts about the final report and various submissions here.

Is Rudd still kowtowing to the US war-mongers, or indeed the Israeli weapons industry that made a submission to the senate that was little more than an advertisement?  I suppose the cluster bombing of Lebanon by Israel a year or so ago is something the Rudd government thinks is all fine and dandy.

How does it feel to be a citizen of a rogue nation?

Over the fold is the disappointing news as reported by a GetUp newsletter (my bolding):

As one of the very last acts of the Howard Government, Brendan Nelson bought $14 million worth of cluster bombs – weapons that contain mini-bombs, some of which remain unexploded on the ground for years awaiting innocent civilians. It’s the first time Australia has bought such a weapon, and one we would hope the new Government would categorically reject.

But right now, as the international community meets in Dublin to ban them, the new Australian Government is going out of its way to frustrate the process. They’re calling for their ‘SMART 155’ bomb to be excluded, and for rogue nations who persist in using cluster bombs to be permitted to do so. We’ve got just a few scarce days left before the fragile international agreement is drafted. Sign the petition today telling Kevin Rudd to ban the bomb: no loopholes, no exceptions.


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