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Sign up to become a lab rat!

Posted by Dave Bath on 2008-05-25

If you are in Australia or New Zealand, and wish to be a volunteer for clinical trials, consider signing up here.

There’s even a small chance of winning a $200 Myer voucher for registering – not that you should need such incentives!


18 Responses to “Sign up to become a lab rat!”

  1. lleyton wong said

    I would like to join Lab Rats.Science is my favourite subject so that is why I like it.

  2. Ann O'Dyne said

    I have just completed my part in a vaccine trial where I got $300 (‘you could die’ was one of the warnings)
    and I would have done it for less. I know, as a result, why drugs are so costly.

  3. Zahrah said

    I want to join but I am SCOTLAND :(

  4. Sally said

    I want to join lab rats, cause i’am a big fan of science.I really want to try and do all of the task’s that they throw at me and my partner and I really hope that I can get in Lab Rats and show people what we have got.

  5. brittany arfmann said

    i really wabt to be on the show

  6. brittany arfmann is a fack name said


  7. Emma and Hayley Lenton said

    Me and my sister want to join labrats because we have always wanted to be on it since we were little kids. We both enjoy doing science but we don’t get to do much so I want to join labrats not just to win but to have fun.

  8. Portia said

    I want to join labrats because its looks fun and I want to join the fun, I am a really BIG fan I science and I want to show you that so please let me on the show I will do anything.

  9. Portia said

    I don’t care what team I am on I just want to be on the show ok I want to be on the red team.

  10. Matthew and Jared softley said

    me and my brother said that we would like to become a lab rat because we both love doing and it looks so fun
    also when i was young i would argue about which TV show we would watch and of course we had to watch lab rats because i would always say i love science and i might learn stuff about watching this TV show

  11. Reagan said

    It’s very straightforward to find out any matter on net as compared to textbooks, as I found this paragraph at this site.

  12. kade said

    I would like to do this I have the hpv virus and have been studying a lot online about this disease when I came across hemp oil and found that it has been know to cure cancer and all sorts of things never seen it tested on hpv but it has my curiosity…problem is I live in ut where as you prob know there are a lot of illegal things here I am very interested in not only this but helping people is my number one priority please get back to me

  13. melissa said

    i watch all of the episodes so i think i would be perfect

  14. Rechelle zammit said

    I am a massive fan of lab rats and have been trying to figure out how to get on the show, I want to build my leadership skills and work with a partner as a team. The show is absolutely scienterrific and I don’t care about the prizes, I just want to have fun and show my friends and family what I’ve got.

  15. What is a blog subject that you would find interesting to read about?

  16. danaysha said

    i love u chase

  17. Hi my name is Kennedy Ferguson and I would love to become a lab rat. Lab rats is my favorite show ever I watch it all the time and I feel the urge to become one I surely have the passion and I really want to become one I would be ever so grateful to become a lab rat and I am an actor and model so I feel that this would really improve on my work also I am in karate and fighting is my game going on missions has always been my dream literally

    -Kennedy E. Ferguson

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