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ALP can’t find dirt on Nelson

Posted by Dave Bath on 2008-05-27

Cheap, pathetic, and …. almost empty …. that’s the ALP dirt file on Nelson.

On the ALP pages, including those having ministerial announcements (e.g. this one) there is a link in the sidebar to government ministerial websites to

It’s possible that the NelsonFacts site breaks the law, but I’m not sure.

First, it’s not even a "" site (most unpatriotic, and as if the rest of the world is interested!), but it’s full of pretty poor cheap shots against Nelson.

Yes, it’s got the following blurb on the bottom of the page: "Authorised by T. Gartrell, 161 London Circuit, Canberra City, ACT 2600".


Ye gods!  Is that all they can come up with?  Compared to the entire DVD-full of reasons to detest the Lying-Rodent-Emeritus (the unlamented ex-PM Howard) can the ALP only come up with a single page of so-called facts to make Nelson unpopular?  Any politician that only earns a single web page of dirt is almost by definition dirt-free, and therefore worth electing!

Most of the "dirt" is actually about things Nelson could do nothing about, but against Howard.

The design is tacky, but more worryingly, next to the "Authorized by" bit at the bottom is a link labelled : "Privacy Statement, Disclaimer, Legals", which points to, which gives a "404 error", because the page does not exist, and the "search" button that comes up cannot find anything about privacy.

Or is this a hint that there is no decent privacy, and everyone who goes to the site has all details recorded, their cookies slurped, and the data distributed all around the place?

Hmmm…. is this lack of a privacy policy statement on a site authorized by the well-known Tim Gartrell appropriate, or even legal?

Any legal types up on electoral law have an idea on this?


2 Responses to “ALP can’t find dirt on Nelson”

  1. Jacques Chester said

    If it was illegal the Liberals would have howled it down by now. The integrity of our system is built on mutual distrust mediated by a trusted referee; in that respect it works well.

    The real dirt on Nelson is his record as a minister. He just wasn’t very good. He has a fatal personality flaw, which is that he loves to appear decisive but never really cares what about.

    This means he is easily manipulated by anyone who gives him a loud splashy move to adopt as his own. Nelson’s higher education changes had been on the Education Dept’s wishlist for years and years and every minister until him had knocked them back. But Nelson wanted to be a Decisive Education Minister.

    The scrapping of F111s led to a capability gap in Australian air power. Into this picture stepped Nelson, Andrew Peacock and some smooth salesmen from Boeing, used to sucking up to the masterclass bullshit artists in the US Congress. According to some reports they sold the idea to Nelson, who never told the department or the ADF what he had decided. He just went ahead and blurted it out at an ERC meeting. The Decisive Defence Minister.

    And now he is opposition leader, shaking his fists and hamming it up and promising bold one-twentieth-of-a-dollar tax cuts; which broadly speaking don’t appear to get debated in the Shadow Cabinet.

    Nelson’s ego is his enemy because he has no principles to back it up. There is a hollow bit where others have their original motives for entering politics.

    He is a victim of his own whims, a victim of the oldest fallacy in the political book: Something Must Be Done, Here Is Something, We Shall Do It. Or in his case: I Am Decisive, Here Is A Decision, I Shall Say I Made It. He is a weathervane that thinks it decides which way the wind is blowing.

  2. Dave Bath said

    You are right that Nelson is pathetic, but you’ve just proved my oint : you’ve put more text and substance in this mere comment than the ALP machine has put on an entire web page!

    But I still think the broken privacy link is an indication of technical incompetence. Work experience kids could have done better… so how much did the site designer get paid – unless it was MEANT to look like a grassroots amateur anti-Nelson site.

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