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Inquiry into Melbourne’s Future Water Supply

Posted by Dave Bath on 2008-05-28

The Victorian government will be having an inquiry into "Melbourne’s Future Water Supply" soon, but even though this is really important, and is the subject of major public debate and interest, it looks like you need to register first with first.  The main page is Here and the terms of reference here.

Even though the inquiry is to report by the end of 2008, and was referred by the Legislative Council back in September 2007, it still isn’t "open", as my request for information got this response a couple of days ago from the "Executive Officer" of the staff of the committee.

The inquiry is yet to commence. I will have someone notify you when submissions are invited.

Wow! Referred almost 9 months ago, only 7 months before the report is due, and it still isn’t "open"?  (Hmmm… 469 days all up, 253 already gone, that’s 54% time wasted so far…)  What the h*** is going on?

Oh… forgot… this is Joh Brumby’s Victoria.

Details of the inquiry over the fold:

  • Inquiry Name: Melbourne’s Future Water Supply
  • Subject: the relative merits of supplementing Melbourne’s water supply.
  • Dates:
    • Referred: 2007-09-19 September 2007
    • Reporting no later than:
  • Web Pages:
  • Contacts:
    • Email:
    • Phone: (03) 8682 2803
    • Fax: (+613) 8682 2805
    • SnailMail: Environment and Natural Resources Committee, Parliament House, Spring Street, Melbourne 3002, Victoria, Australia
  • Terms of Reference:
    The Environment and Natural Resources Committee is required to inquire, consider and report no later than 31 December 2008 on the relative merits of supplementing Melbourne?s water supply by some or all of the following means:
    1. further water savings that can be achieved by increased conservation and efficiency efforts;
    2. the collection of stormwater;
    3. the re-use of treated waste water;
    4. the use of groundwater;
    5. small locally based desalination plants;
    6. any other optional water source which appears to the Committee to be appropriate.

    Minutes of the Proceedings of the Legislative Council of Victoria, No. 38 : Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Hmmm… odd again… talk of these options and "small locally based desalination plants" doesn’t mesh with the giant desalination plant Joh Brumby and go are pushing through.


4 Responses to “Inquiry into Melbourne’s Future Water Supply”

  1. Plugger said

    It appears that the Government is stalling the commencement of this enquiry until the contentious Wonthaggi Desalination Plant and the much hated North South Pipeline projects have developed further.

    The whole enquiry threatens the rational of these ill founded projects.

  2. Dave Bath said

    Plugger: You are probably right.
    I’d recommend you hop over to The Wonkery (this post) and include a suggestion about this issue as a part of a “scorecard” for an inquiry.

    Perhaps you’d also register your interest with the committee – even if you are not sure whether you want to contribute – just to help keep them on their toes, and maybe prompt an “opening”.

  3. Maria I E Riedl said

    Dear Sir/Madam, I would like some information regarding this inquiry as right at this moment we have this unbelievable proposal of a pipeline to take 75GL of water every year 265 days of that year to supply Melbourne and Geelong. This inquiry has yet to address any of this and subsequent issues! The pipeline is not tkaing water savings that have been achieved, it is taking water period. THis means that it is going to affect the Murray River all the way to its mouth-it is dying. The federal Minister Wong is buying back water to leave in the river and this proposal flies in the face of this as it is proposing a NEW extraction. to top it off the extraction is from a HEritage listed RIver and this is not allowed under the Act! the PIA assessemtn has totally refused to look at where the water or is it chocolate comes from to fill the pipe. The savings are just not there. Water that soaks into the ground goes back into ground water. The removal of this has not been assessed. BAsically the whole concept is flawed as is this government’s Our Water Our Future the Next Stage is, see page 17 where Melbourne wants to go back to ZERO restrictions!! to what effect on our rivers?!

  4. […] Water inquiry open for submissions (Finally) 2008-07-26 — Dave Bath As outlined here (2008-05-28), the Inquiry into Melbourne’s Future Water Supply, which was sent the the ENRC by the […]

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