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Howard-Lite? Not by much!

Posted by Dave Bath on 2008-06-01

By the look of the Democrat’s dissenting opinion in the Senate Report on the Telecommunications (Interception and Access) Amendment Bill 2008 (6 May 2008), KRudd’s government has already shown itself to be hypocritical, bashing through a bill as having only "minor and technical" changes, despite considering the same bill a draconian invasion of privacy when in opposition.

As the Dems note (point 1.8 here), Senator Ludwig in 2006 said when in opposition:

Privacy is not sufficiently protected so far as B-party intercept warrants are concerned.

Sen Ludwig, Senate Hansard, 2008-03-30, p.59

In sections 1.9 and 1.10, the Dems expose the KRudd government as hypocrites.

1.9 : However, in one of its first legislative acts in the new Parliament, the Government has revisited this legislation, attempted to curtail debate, and has made no attempt to address the numerous concerns that it had with the legislation in 2006.
1.10 : Further, it is clear from the nature and extent of submissions received to this inquiry and from the detailed consideration and conclusions contained in the Chair’s report, that the amendments proposed by this bill are far from "minor" or "technical". Indeed, the Chair has concluded (at paragraph 4.30) that the amendments in relation device-based warrants "propose to remove an important existing safeguard".

Howard-Lite?  Unfortunately, it’s only about 5% lighter than the full-fat version!

Who’ll stand up when the Dems are gone?  Thanks for trying anyway Natasha.


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