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China’s strong decades-long environmental action

Posted by Dave Bath on 2008-06-20

The Axis of Evil Emitters (the highest per-capita carbon-producing nations) berate China about carbon emissions, yet China has so far failed to point out that of all nations, China has been taking the necessary hard unpopular decisions on climate change and demand for water and food for decades – to near universal condemnation (apart from the scientific community).

The One-Child Policy is perhaps the most effective weapon against rising carbon emissions.

Just imagine the CO2 stress on the world would already be suffering if China had not implemented this policy so long -almost a generation – ago.

If I was a Chinese leader, I’d certainly be making a lot of this at any climate talks, and certainly chide countries like Australia that has something like a baby bonus.

So, while European dragons are either green or red, perhaps it’s time to color Chinese dragons green!


One Response to “China’s strong decades-long environmental action”

  1. K2 said

    population is a cheap shot for environmentalists. if wealth was more evenly distributed, health and education would receive greater funding. then the ethiopian farmer doesnt need to have 10 kids thinking only 2 will survive. malthusianism is another technique the wealthy use to put the poor in their place…’there, see it’s your fault you are poor and your kids are sick.’ the silver spoons can then justify their consumption patterns in the knowledge that its all population growth rate. at the same time they keep speculating on natural resources and drive the price through the roof, killing housing affordability and soon carbon. China went from 1 billionaire in 2006 to 250 plus in 2007, most in land/ property.

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