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If you wish the US ill, you’ll love this

Posted by Dave Bath on 2008-07-10

A recent alert from New Scientist "New legal threat to school science in the US" is jaw dropping.

The Louisiana "The Science Education Act" was passed, giving (in the name of "Academic Freedom"), any teacher to teach anything they like in science classes.

An opponent, Barbara Forrest says:

"It’s very slick.  The religious right has co-opted the terminology of the progressive left… They know that phrase appeals to people."

Next these ignorant Christians and legislators (who will disagree with Aquinas’ statement that "not even God can make the internal angles of a triangle add up to anything but 180 degrees") will start "showing the instruments" to people who dare teach heliocentricity, just like they did to Galileo.

Of course, with this Italian attack on science, science moved to Protestant-controlled Northern Europe, and Italy started going down the gurgler.

I guess in the name of this "academic freedom" it’s ok to teach children that 2+2=5… or at least that pi is three EXACTLY (a round bowl – I forget which book in the bible – was 10 cubits across and had a circumference of 30 cubits).  Actually, as I see it, "financial freedom" doesn’t imply the right to steal, just as academics have absolutely no freedom to indoctrinate children with counterfactuals… that’s what Sunday Schools are for.

Economically, the US is shooting itself in the foot.

See Also/Notes:

  • "Pi = 3! Stand by your beliefs dammit!" from the Gospel of Reason, goes through the biblical texts showing that pi=3 (rather than 3.14159…). I want to see fundamentalist christians riding bicycles or cars with wheels that meet that biblical rule!  Maybe that would make them use their cars less!

3 Responses to “If you wish the US ill, you’ll love this”

  1. zombinol said

    Everything you can imagine is real, so I close my eyes in order to see, and what I saw was, that without man, god is religion and without religion god is man.

  2. eltower said

    zombinol, you make absolutely no sense whatsoever.

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