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Art monthly, the MRI, and the kid’s museum

Posted by Dave Bath on 2008-07-11

The the populist furore over art and p**n, I wonder if images such as this taken in an MRI for legitimate scientific purposes will become prohibited.  (Hat tip Pharyngula)

I also wonder if one of my daughter’s favorite exhibits (when she was pre-school) in the old Melbourne museum (dunno if the exhibit is in the new museum) will become prohibited.  While she liked the live bees in the glass hive, and the unrolled gut with “poo” (and sounds) coming out the end, she also really liked the lifesized naked statues of children, parents (one in a wheelchair) and grandparents, with kids encouraged, as with all other exhibits in the Children’s Museum, to touch and learn.

And what about books to teach children about their bodies and how they change?  Will they be banned, or only able to be sold to librarians.

<sarcasm>Maybe we should simply make all children where the Hijab</sarcasm>.


2 Responses to “Art monthly, the MRI, and the kid’s museum”

  1. That exhibition was awesome. My little sister loved it too – watching the apple go from woe to…poo.

  2. zombinol said

    Talking of poo, I don’t hear KRudd and his puerile elite excrete a consistent dose of rhetoric to stop the nappy and other commercial advertisements exploitation of naked and semi naked infants and pre pubescent actors that has been going on for decades, lest the commercials be peddling p**n.

    Butt wait there’s more, there must have been total frothing outrage in Canberra, screaming at such a high pitched shrill that no one heard it, when the Suzie Maroney new baby story aired on ACA, last week and lo and behold for all to see; complete with bits and all, images of her little girl at birth and having a bath!!, outrageous, how unnatural, exploitative and it must be criminal, right or is that left or centre or I don’t know any more?

    But off-course the 24 media cycle has to engage the same old Energy and be taken off road to avoid tackling a real track record of issues…..

    Propaganda über alles

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