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Pell’s comments could be welcomed by rationalists

Posted by Dave Bath on 2008-07-15

I welcome Pell’s dangerous comments denying anthropogenic climate change and encouraging dangerous population growth, while at the same time wondering whether they suggest that Pell is a closet racist, as well as a closet Manichee, recapitulating a stance that the Roman Catholic church (and it’s predecessors) has considered the most abominable of heresies.

Pell’s comment are (unsurprisingly) contrary to the vast bulk of scientific opinion, and will doubtless increase human misery, especially if it sways Roman Catholic countries (Italy, Philippines, etc, and especially Brazil which has stewardship of the Amazon rainforest) away from global climate change treaties.  Pell isn’t stupid – he knows that human misery and adherence to authoritarian theistic belief creates a nasty feedback loop.  This is consistent with Pell’s praise of Constantine (an implicit desire for a return to the Dark Ages) that I analyzed some time back.("Pell’s QuadRant essay is sooooo wrong" 2007-09-05).

Hopefully, this will lead those folk who are at least half rational to understand that the Roman Catholic church remains the enemy of humankind, and much more dangerous to us all than any other dogma – including the (erroneous) interpretation of the Q’ran by those Islamists who promote violence.  If a large part of current Roman Catholics recognize this and move to either more progressive Christianity, or preferably further to agnosticism and atheism, then that is a good result … which is why I am glad he made these comments.

We should also note that Pell’s comments are implicitly racist.  He argued that developed nations (predominantly caucasian) have decreased fertility rates, and therefore should increase the number of children per female.  Given the continuing unsustainable rise of the world population, is he arguing that immigration from underdeveloped to developed nations is undesirable, or is he merely a white supremacist, arguing that we need more whiteys?  How is this different from Hitler’s policy of Aryan baby factories?

More interesting from a theological viewpoint is the implied Manichæism (the idea that the real universe was created and still totally under the control of an evil deity, while the benevolent deity is too pre-occupied with omphaloskepsis to worry about what goes on in the real world.)  If he is denying anthropogenic climate change, but not climate change and the inevitable consequence of increased misery through famine, war, pestilence and death, then he thinks the cause is supernatural.  As a benevolent omnipotent deity would certainly not create universal misery, then responsibility must be due to an equipotent malevolent agency.  After all, if you know your Latin, only the "Light bringer" (Lucifer) can be responsible for saying "Let there be light" (Fiat Lux).

With the best scientific information on climate change and the criticality of birth control to female health outcomes indicating the global damage that will result from those who act on Pell’s exhortations, much more damage than Islamist terrorists could ever cause, unless Ratzinger and the rest of the cardinals disown Pell and his comments, the Roman Catholic church should become a proscribed organization, and all it’s assets seized.

Notes/See Also:

  • Slimpickens (2008-07-15) noted (nice pickup) that Pell is fighting another doctrinal issue: papal infallibility, given Ratzinger’s warnings on climate change.  Or is Pell being pre-emptively infallible when the Opus Dei folk pick their third Paedifract Maximus in a row?
  • LP has an entire category on WYD
  • T-shirt Design Competition
  • What did the priest say to the youth? Open WYD!
  • And the award for not having a big photo of the Pope on the front of the daily newspaper yesterday goes to…. The Geelong Advertiser for having a photo of Cameron Ling (background here).  But then, apart from a few Collingwood-loving heretics, Geelong is a religious monoculture, with Kardinia Park the one true place of worship of God (Ablett), the Son of God (Ablett Jnr) and Buddha (Hocking).  Note the "major categories" of pages in the left-hand side… "Sport", "Geelong Football Club", "Premiers 2007", "Footy Tipping", "Dream Team" – makes "The Sun" look like a journal of footy haters.

4 Responses to “Pell’s comments could be welcomed by rationalists”

  1. Peregrine said

    Hi Dave

    Thanks for drawing my attention to your repost to Pell’s Quadrant effort. I will be linking your blog at once!

    I think the fusion of church and state to an authoritarian conservative political platform might explain its publication. Given it’s edited by Messr Windschuttle, I expect its part of his recanting his misspent Marxist youth. He’s still authoritarian, just from the ‘right’.

    While I would have to consult the sources more closely on your Howard-Constantine parallel, you have succintly diagnosed the fact that Pell’s arguments are akin to the kind of Caliphate vision he would lead a Crusade against given half the chance. On his populate or perish theory, it is interesting to contrast Jensen’s move to be the head of the African Anglican breakaway. Some fun for the colonial theorists there!

  2. slim said

    Yes his Eminence was certainly one of the great Howardian culture warriors. I’d almost forgotten.

    A bit of a worry given the media’s one-time pondering if Pell is Papal material. If WYD is huge PR and recruitment success, and Pell deftly handles the local abuse fallout to the satisfaction of the Vatican, he might be in for a nice promotion to the Holy See for services rendered to the Holy Father and Mother Church.

  3. zombinol said

    On an economic front, the Holy See being the treasurer of the Vatican bank is probably concerned with news from the marketing department given that sales (Souls) are down. The marketing department (Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith) made all those new localised sales pitches (Rescripts of formula in Code of Canon Law, like less damnation etc..) and new brands (Saints) but the customers (faithful) are not attending the shop (church) to make a purchases (donation). But a world tour should do the trick, it works for Bono and Madonna, so why not the pied piper Rat-Singer.

    Arian baby factories sure why not, you see the more people in a country, the more tax payed, so the more tax relief those poor church coffers can enjoy.

    The Vatican Bank which relies on the Purple Economy is what is at risk.

    “Max Wallice argues the separation of secular authority from supernatural authority should be understood as the first separation of powers in a democracy, prior to, and equivalent to, the separation between the executive, legislature and judiciary.

    The failure of democracies to fully realise this distinction constitutionally has seen churches become immensely wealthy as a consequence of their centuries old tax-exempt status as charities that ‘advance religion.’ Their wealth is now a recognisable financial phenomenon”

    Now it was the Howard government that made it illegal for a student to be forced to pay the University Union Fees, fair enough I think.

    So my taxes are subsidising the Tax Free sector and I am forced to pay, how does that work, Why don’t I get a choice, like in Germany that provides a tax refund if you don’t support the Purple Economy!

    So yes more people any kind of people; donations or not, just as long as they are paying tax the church is safe and secure.

    Sorry just a bit of silliness – Also if a holy consecrated church which is usually at the beginning donated to the church is sold (obviously because the church needs the profit to do gods work) does the ground get un-consecrated, excommunicated or made un-holy? of is it perpetually holy, if so and I buy a church and live there can I declare that I am sovereign by virtue of the god given holiness of land that I now own and stand on and refuse to pay taxes?

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