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Social networking – but not for dummies

Posted by Dave Bath on 2008-07-17

Nature’s social networking site … think hosted blogs, forums on all sorts of interesting stuff, LinkedIn, and info-searching, is so upmarket I barely feel qualified to join, even though I’ve got a Nature account, and it’s good for general readers (such as the weirdnesses of the UK citizenship facts-and-figures book detailed over the fold).

The best general-interest blog I’ve come across is from Jennifer Rohn: "Mind the Gap – Adventures in the London sci-lit-art scene…and occasionally beyond" Some of her recent articles are gems… this where she judges at a student science fair, and this on the UK Citizenship Test.

And from her hilarious, weird, and disturbing dot points from the UK Citizenship Guide….

  • Blind people still have to pay 50% of the TV license! (I’m sorry, but this strikes me as seriously unfair. Is the dialogue of most British television programs really that sparkling?)
  • In England, refusal to have children is grounds for divorce.
  • Men are entitled to two weeks of paid paternity leave regardless of how long they have worked for a company, whereas although women are entitled to 26 weeks of maternity leave, they are not entitled by to be paid for any of it! (What’s going on there?)

That last one on parental leave is jaw-dropping!  Mind you, payment wasn’t an issue for me: when my daughter was very young, I was able to work with her in a sling on my chest, and if I did have to take her off, like when going into the machine rooms or the lab area, there were heaps of nurses at work only too happy to have her for a fw minutes.

(I’m joining anyway as, but with a near-empty profile).


2 Responses to “Social networking – but not for dummies”

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  2. Dave Bath said

    p.s. when I commented about the Oz version of the citizenship test, and about needing to know Bradman was a cricketer, Rohn responded with a beauty……

    “Cricketer – is that some sort of insect fancier?”

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