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Eclectica has been busy lately…

Posted by Dave Bath on 2008-07-26

I’ve put up quite a few links on my Eclectia in the last coupladaze (outpacing the space in the sidebar to the right), unfortunately without the time to add my comments to most.

There’s a little more than usual on legal issues, more on water in Vic, and a couple of hoots from LanguageLog (including a brilliant one on how dogs interpret the word "Down").

Use the feed, or (more convenient more many) the standard web page (although you’ll have to do a few “prev, prev, prev” to see the contents of my picks of my feeds over the last few days).

BTW: If anyone’s using the Eclectica pages or feeds, please drop a line as a comment, especially if you include your opinions of my selection (thumbs up or down).


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