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A novel plea to the gods

Posted by Dave Bath on 2008-08-09


Last night, for the first time in my life (pushing 50 years), I made the following supplication to the gods:

Please, please, please, let the opposition kick a goal against my beloved Cats!

Melbourne was scoreless at quarter-time, while Geelong was on 53 points, and it was nearly halfway through the second quarter before the Demons even scored a behind – a rushed one at that.  It was getting painful to watch the game even though watching the way Geelong handled themselves gave much joy.

I can understand Cats players not letting anything through… when I was a full-back playing hockey in a side undefeated for a year, there was one game that ended up 7-2, and it was only after the game was finished that I realized what had happened and commiserated with the opposition that they deserved to be closer (7-4 or 7-5) because they’d actually played quite well, forcing us to a new level, and we’d only just managed to prevent them getting 2 or 3 more goals.  The gods had smiled on us.

Mind you, if Geelong had been playing Collingwood, it would have been a different matter.  It’s likely that everyone but Magpie supporters would have been jumping for joy.


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