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Update on Melbourne Water Supply Inquiry

Posted by Dave Bath on 2008-08-21

This is an update about the (closing in a few days) Parliamentary Inquiry into Melbourne’s Future Water Supply, which I’ve discussed before:

I’ve looked through the submissions published so far, and, apart from individuals (who all hate the desal plant and/or the north/south pipeline beloved of Joh Brumby’s government and their pet PPP mates), the best one, with lots of good background details including facts and figures on annual usage (420 Gl), stormwater discharge (530Gl), and a detailed proposal for filling acquifers from stormwater ($60M, not $3Billion Joh wants to spend on desalination) is here.

Anyway, no more time for blogging… gotta write my submission and get it in before the end of the week!


3 Responses to “Update on Melbourne Water Supply Inquiry”

  1. Maria Riedl said

    thanks for this I will be submitting hopefully on time!! Cheers

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  3. Maria Riedl said

    this government is going to the COAG meeting today and I hope that Mr Brumby and his government are pulled into line. They are planning to use water that is environmental water by saying that it is there but they will use it until the deadline!!! this is dodgy rubbery figires yet again. Ballarat and Bendigo and the Goldfields pipeline are buying 10GL tis year Bendigo bought 10GL last year courtesy of a special decision by Mr Holding. There is only 30GL of this Water Quality Reserve and of this 10GL is to Goldfields pipe and 2GL to Broken Creek this leaves 18GL!How much if this will Melbourne take if the drought continues or will they stop the 10GL to the other two cities?! this government’s environmental credentials are non-existent. Look at the delay of the VEAC recommendations on the Red Gums, they have put this off thought the 2 years study is finished and the recommendations are there! They are willing to allow the red gums to die so Melbourne can flush the Goulburn, the Murray and even the Snowy down the toilets of Melbourne and Geelong! And then there is the the biggest desalination plant in Australia and the world-they are NOT offsetting the greenhouse gases from the construction of this!and they are thinking of building a gas fired pwoer station next to, not renewable energy as the promised. they are also building a new coal-fired power station though it is still not feasible to shove the bad stuff into the ground. these people need to be voted out ASAP.

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