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The Economist’s Global Electoral College for US Prez Election

Posted by Dave Bath on 2008-10-01

The Economist has created a mockup of the world following the lines of the US electoral college (Oz has 31 "electoral college seats", NZ has 8, Russia has 205, etc), with visitors allowed to vote.

You can "vote" at (you’ll need a login, but that’s free).

Despite the readership (and editorial stance) of The Economist being predominantly pro-capitalist, the current voting worldwide is 8192 "electoral college votes" for Obama/Biden versus 3 for McCain/Palin.

In our region, voting is strongly for Obama (Oz=85%, NZ=80%, Indonesia=100%).

Notes / Aside

The West Wing prescience continues: the straight-talking Republican Senator ("Arnold Vinick") suffered from a meltdown (of a nuclear plant, not the finance industry) that bolstered the stakes of the non-Anglo Democrat ("Matthew Santos").  Also, "Vinick’s" speech against ethanol subsidies has been mirrored in the real world by McCains ("correct and courageous" according to The Economist) desire to eliminate ethanol subsidies.

I wonder if a President Obama will offer a cabinet position to McCain – not in foreign affairs, but in defence?  Cynics will also say that the outgoing president of the West Wing had a neurological disability with MS, while the real-world Bush simply has a neurological problem of impaired intellect.


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  1. Cool Blog! I’m Reddit-ing this! :)

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