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Identifying schools of louts

Posted by Dave Bath on 2008-10-22

When we heard of an "elite"elite Melbourne private school" that had suspended all Year 12 students because of crim inal behaviour during "muck-up" day, but did not know which school, my daughter and I were guessing which school it might have been.

The choices were Xavier, Wesley, and St Kevins.  When later finding out that Xavier boys were the criminals, our reactions were almost "Is the pope a catholic?  Does a bear sh*t in the woods?"

We’d have been shocked if the school was St Michaels.

Our guesses were based on our experience with students from many schools on public transport.  As I’ve noted elsewhere ( "Bullies, citizens, and private schools" – 2007-05-17), parents thinking about schools should travel on public transport routes near the schools on their short list.

Perhaps if close relatives or friends of teachers or school council members did the same, they might not only get a true picture of the student body, but identify the worst offenders and offer special attention, either counselling, suspension, or even expulsion to the culprits.


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