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Wanting to kill a day without end

Posted by Dave Bath on 2008-10-24

Half of the smartypants readers of The Age must have opened the back pages of their morning paper and groaned.  It was much worse than a usual Friday.

These share a theme and go otherwise undefined.

O Tosh! Messy compiler of half-surreal art form backwards (5,2)!

Messy stab, and a way to label someone as nasty. (7)!

Yep, you needed to know the answer to 22-across to understand what the clue to 22-across was, then that formed half of the clue to all the other acrosses.

I gave up REAL quick.  Is anyone else more exasperated with this one than even the usual horrible Friday?  Or is there some smug so-and-so out there who got it completed in under an hour?

The fink even had the gall to admit going over the top with other clues: (21 down was "Cryptically erects or shows evidence of thematic overindulgence").

Answers (backwards): Answer backwards: "!dratsaB !AD toohS" (You might need to know of the dada movement to get one part of this!)
My normal time to get a non-Friday cryptic is between 30 and 40 mins on the tram, and I’ll normally get about a quarter of DA’s, apart from the "all the across ones share a theme" ones, but the recursive dependencies of today’s were too much.


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