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Kev – you are right – they don’t deserve respect!

Posted by Dave Bath on 2008-10-29

I loved the title of this official press release in the feed of the Australian government (and look at the start of the teaser too:

Prime Minister of Australia – Interview – Interview with Mel and Kochie, Sunrise Program
Subject(s): Bank Deposit Guarantee, FuelWatch, Pink Ribbon Day. MEL: We are joined by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, good morning to you. Now the question arises – if you provide a guarantee to people who are depositing in their bank accounts and that is as I said you know $800 billion worth across the country, that is a fundamental on the system.

Mel and Kochie?

Yeah, well that shows a certain different level of respect (probably warranted) compared to media releases after an interview with the likes of Tony Jones, Virginia Trioli, or Barry Cassidy of the ABC… or will we see them referred to in future official notices from the PM’s office as "Jonesy, Ginny and Baz"?

Nice one Kev!  I s’pose that’s how me and visitin’ bigwigs in consultates (ambazitors? is that how ya spell em?) should call ya from now on!  How are the uggies, KRuddster?  Howzthe work goin’ on the three Commodores up on blocks in your front yard?  Bugger me if you ain’t demeanin’ the office!


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