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Not if there is an umbilibutton!

Posted by Dave Bath on 2008-11-06

I’ve finally found a way to describe my eating habits in easy words.  Rather than say "Poulo-Pisco-Ovo-Lacto-Vegetarian", or "I don’t eat placental mammals" (but do advocate eating roo for health and environmental reasons – see notes below), given that a placenta implies an umbilicus, I can simply say:

I don’t eat anything with a belly button.

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One Response to “Not if there is an umbilibutton!”

  1. zombinol said

    Adam with apple and satay snake sauce!

    Ok, I accept that you are not a cannibal, but I do need to go out on a limb here, Adam could have been on the menu, right, its obvious he didn’t have a belly button, or if he did I wonder what Pell would have to say about it!

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