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The truth will get you in trouble

Posted by Dave Bath on 2008-11-10

Victorian Opposition Treasury Spokesman Kim Wells got attacked by the Joh Brumby government for threatening jobs, merely because Wells pointed out the massive losses from across 240 state agencies as detailed in their annual reports.

It seems Joh Brumby wants Wells to obfuscate or misdirect, in other words, follow the Premier’s example.

Next thing you know, Joh Brumby will be charging the Bureau of Meteorology with sedition for predicting our typical four seasons in one day, because it might cut tourism.

If the Liberal Party really had Victoria’s best interests at heart, they’d not only be making media releases about this sort of thing, but also get their best forensic minds teasing apart the gordian knot of "Public Private Partnerships" and various sweetheart deals, criticizing those that do not give the state value for money.  We won’t be holding our breath for that to happen!

Perhaps the Libs should ask the Premier in question time for detailed guidelines about when it is appropriate, nay mandatory, for politicians to hide the truth.

It’s hard for me: I’d label myself a socialist, I find the federal ALP tolerable (but much better than the Libs), but want to see the ALP out of office in Victoria as soon as possible.

Where are the Australian Democrats when you need them?


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