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What’s missing on Facebook

Posted by Dave Bath on 2008-11-10

If Facebook had a "Add as Enemy" button, it would be much more fun – especially if "A was an enemy of B" and "B was a friend of A".  This opens up the possibility of "People you may hate", "People who hate the people you hate" applications.

What a giggle to look up a politician and see "Fred Nerk has 20123 Friends and 120000 Enemies"

To be honest, I’m actually quite proud of the enemies I’ve made (because of what I was standing up for when I made those enemies), and also believe the grudging respect from an enemy can be worth more than praise from a friend.

(And by the way, I’m shocked at how many people release so much of their personal details on facebook: enough to give a spook, a stalker or identity theif near-fatal priapism.)


One Response to “What’s missing on Facebook”

  1. Alastair said

    There is an enemybook application on Facebook although hardly anyone uses it. It would be a bit of fun if it was incorporated into the main page.

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