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Revenge of the Nerds

Posted by Dave Bath on 2008-11-13

How sweet it is for us nerdy professionals to go through the Australian Bureau of Statistics as only nerds do.  According to ABS 1220.0 ANZSCO (ANZ Standard Classification of Occupations), (so this is as official as you can get in Oz) Dilbert (or a teacher, or a nurse, etc) is a professional, while the Pointy-Haired Boss (along with CEOs and Legislators) ARE NOT!

So…. of the major groupings, and it’s hard to suggest they aren’t disjunctive, let’s just concentrate on two:

  • MAJOR GROUP 1 : Managers
    • SUB-MAJOR GROUP 11 Chief Executives, General Managers and Legislators
    • SUB-MAJOR GROUP 12 Farmers and Farm Managers
    • SUB-MAJOR GROUP 13 Specialist Managers
    • SUB-MAJOR GROUP 14 Hospitality, Retail and Service Managers
  • MAJOR GROUP 2 : Professionals
    • SUB-MAJOR GROUP 21 Arts and Media Professionals
    • SUB-MAJOR GROUP 22 Business, Human Resource and Marketing Professionals
    • SUB-MAJOR GROUP 23 Design, Engineering, Science and Transport Professionals
    • SUB-MAJOR GROUP 24 Education Professionals
    • SUB-MAJOR GROUP 25 Health Professionals
    • SUB-MAJOR GROUP 26 ICT Professionals
    • SUB-MAJOR GROUP 27 Legal, Social and Welfare Professionals

Quod erat demonstrandum, quod erat faciendum, ὅπερ ἔδει ποιησαι …. take your pick.

Of course, this makes perfect sense, as professionals always have a code of ethics (and are unprofessional if they don’t stick to them!).  The phrase "professional ethics" is familiar, while "managerial ethics" is not (except perhaps as an oxymoron or example of a null set).  "Political ethics"???  ROTFLOL.

Geeks 1, Suits 0.

See Also / Notes

If you want to see the opposite of "suit" and "manager", you cannot go past the Portrait of J Random Hacker (and I plead guilty to pretty much all of the weaknesses), as long us you differentiate us hackers from the elder days (I’ve toggled up a PDP8) from those evil crackers


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