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Who is Vocus?

Posted by Dave Bath on 2008-11-13

An odd little referral popped up earlier.  My guess (and it’s only a guess) is that the reports of the Victorian government buying real-time blog/newsfeed monitoring software a little while back are true, and it’s in production.

So this URL to spruik the features of real-time news monitoring packages from Vocus meshes with the following URL in my list of referrals:

Yep… someone was using the customer portal in Vocus and grovelling through the site with the Entity Id of 22283562, which I assume is me.

Now, if I’d been writing this software, I wouldn’t be passing on the referrer details (it’s a trivial thing to do), and this sort of software don’t come cheap.  My guess is one of their clients clicked instead of right-clicked.

A little beforehand, another wierd referrer arrived, starting with “…”.  These two, one after the other, hints at the possibility of a stalker with a big pocket.

Anyone else seen URLs like this?  Does anyone know if Vocus won the deal with Joh Brumby’s government?

Vocus certainly works for the federal government: this report on technology enabled crime refers to an area that isn’t publically available… here is the snippet:

National Crime Prevention Council 2007. Teens and cyberbullying.


2 Responses to “Who is Vocus?”

  1. Jacques Chester said

    More to the point, what does Vocus provide that Google Alerts can’t?

  2. zombinol said


    It provides a proprietary and countervailed public service with a neat little invoice to the government department that needs this sort of service, it would also provide for the need for “seminars” and interstate/overseas thought leadership sessions for the ministers and high level staffers.

    Google Alerts is more is less countervailing for the people and you don’t need a neat little invoice or junket trail. So I could see why a government department wouldn’t have thought it an option…

    Also given its a Brumby thing this is another reason to have Vocus around.

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