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Counterintuitive upskilling

Posted by Dave Bath on 2008-11-14

If the time you spend not doing something is measured in years, even decades, it stands to reason that your skill-level will drop.

So… how come toddler-wrangling is so much easier when you are a grandparent… despite the creakier joints and effects of chronic illness?

Perhaps it is because they are constantly developing and ahead of your skills the first time around, but no, that would simply make looking after a second toddler easier a year or two later rather than a couple of decades.

Perhaps it is because I was a male, dealing with a daughter, and now I have a grandson… no, because I was involved on a daily basis with a toddler who was my godson (I demanded a civil celebrant – I couldn’t make a solemn promise in a hypocritical context, but did want it registered and recognized by the state).

So, I’d welcome any clues, wild guesses, confirmations or refutations.


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