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Support car industry – kindof

Posted by Dave Bath on 2008-11-14

How can we support the car industry by not supporting it?  By recognizing the capabilities that vehicle manufacturers, and their components suppliers (who have at least double the number of employees that are employed by vehicle manufacturers), and supporting the use of those capabilities.

Supporting the transfer of the products made by those companies (except those that are devoted to cars like Ford, GMH, Toyota, etc) not only supports those companies and their employees through a difficult time, but positions them for the future (and export dollars) rather than lock them in to a shrinking market.

The components used in vehicles are useful in all sorts of other products: products that have a future.  These products include any form of rolling stock (train, bus, tram), but also expanding markets that might earn export dollars if we move quickly, like windmills and wave generators.

Even "boring" things like washing machines have drive systems, need some form of breaking and gears, metal cabinets… pretty much what a car needs apart from windscreens and wheels (and AV accessories that aren’t made here anyway).

Some of the assistance the government could provide doesn’t even need cash subsidies, but merely a bit of imaginative legislative and regulatory effort, such as the creation of what I’ve termed the LUV industry (2008-03-11) : by creating standards and regulations for Light Urban Vehicles including those with a large part of the power coming from human muscle.

Good for the economy, good for the environment, the only "losers" (if they don’t turn to LUV manufacture) are the companies that assemble the final car… and these ship profits overseas anyway.

Our government needs to help create new markets, not subsidise dying ones. 

There is a failure of imagination, by all levels of government, internationally (apart from perhaps the teutons/nordics) and domestically.

The politicians and senior managers of our economy can only be described as vision-impaired.

But the professional and visionaries who could help us aren’t interested in, or capable of, the sorts of shenanigans required to climb the greasy pole.

We’ll never even move towards Utopia until we follow Saint/Sir Thomas More‘s advice, and preclude from office any who seek it.


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