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XKCD on ISP filters

Posted by Dave Bath on 2008-11-14

The way-more-often-than-not-brilliant XKCD has a sneaky way to combat ISP filtering.  I don’t know whether it is a good or bad thing that we cannot apply this in Oz.

XKCD on ISP filters and a sneaky response

XKCD on ISP filters and a sneaky response

Senator Conroy… think about what this implies about how the way you are trying to block toxic material simply won’t work, especially if you get peer-to-peer xfer of picture fragments reassembled by javascript in the browser so that viewers don’t need any key or do a deliberate search!

Notes/See Also:

  • I’ll add the link to XKCD’s descriptive versions for visually-impaired (or graphically-impaired browser) as soon as I see it’s been cloned across: or if you see it before I add the link, add the link in a comment.
  • On crypto being a munition… the following story classifies as a hack: a temporary resident computing researcher was about to be deported… no attempts by the uni to change the US immigration department’s attitude worked.  The day before the immigration cops were due to collect and eject him, his mates said "No worries, we’ll just go out and get blind drunk together one last time".  The next morning, hungover and before the courts, he was surprised when his mates turned him towards the judge, lifted his shirt to reveal the crypto code tatoo on his back they’d got done when he was comatose, and pointed out that body was an "illegal export" (something confirmed by security agencies), and thus he could stay in the US!
  • If you want to see some great hacks in the physical world… go here, with "Trapped in a sign factory… send help" being a recent one that tickled me.

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